having finally decided to delurk, i supposed i ought also to have a blog, and so here i go. what i really do most of is reading other people’s blogs, but we’ll see.

so, me: a sociology graduate student in the northeast, embarking on dissertation work and feeling really excited about everything for the first time in a few years. emerging from the anomie of the post-coursework slump that seems to be endemic in my department. excited to have a light at the end of the tunnel which means someday i will be able to move away from this godforsaken state and quit lying to myself and others that ‘i like it better the longer i live here’.

in the background: npr fund drive.

out my window: a sunny, chilly day with a bike ride and a walk and watching that awful soap opera of a show lesbians love to hate, or just love in the absence of any other tv representations of their lives (the L word, natch).

this week: typing up notes from interviews i’ve been doing lately. teaching my fellow graduate students how to back up their damn data. baking a red velvet cake (suggestions of other recipes?) for a birthday party mmmm. practicing my music lessons (grad students: get out of the house! do something selfish and completely research un-related!) on this super cool online keyboard.

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