matters of great importance

how do y’all (all 4 of my readers, who probably are a new 4 everyday who then get scared off) close your emails? i haven’t found a particularly satisfying solution.

i almost always use “regards”, but recently heard from my sister that it’s academic-y and pretentious.

2 different professors of mine, from different universities, use “cheers” – but i’ve wondered whether only the irish can say that.

“best” always feels incomplete to me. best what? same with “yours”, which also to my ear borders on romantic.

“sincerely” feels too formal.

“thx” is altogether too young for me, but “thanks” does often work when i’m doing administrative stuff.

i have, on 2 occasions, tried out “happy writing!” when addressing writing groups. i know it’s corny – that, for me, is unavoidable – but is it also pretentious? or a curse?

what’s left?

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