i have the zeal of the newly converted when it comes to zombie movies. i used to think zombie movies were just stupid gory crap. i never understood why my friend liked them so much. but as usual when it comes to art and culture, i was just missing the point.

i can pinpoint when my opinion changed; i watched 28 Days Later, and i read a great blog post at pandagon i still regularly summarize to other folks.

last night i saw george romero’s diary of the dead. i have to say – it was terrible. (spoiler alert).

i pretty much totally agree with the first commenter at imdb, so i won’t rehash that here.  (especially the part about the amish farmer – totally my favorite.) there is one possibility i’m willing to consider. the film wasn’t scary or moving; in fact the only emotion it gave me at all was a few brief laughs (along with the rest of the audience) at the corniest moments. but are we going meta meta here? is this the point? that i was supposed to walk out feeling completely unmoved, completely untouched by the violence, unconvinced that anything was real (even though it was on film)?

i somehow don’t think so, but i’m going to indulge in the delusion so i don’t feel too bad about spending $9 and a friday night on it.

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2 Comments on “zombies”

  1. kraftymiles Says:

    *ahem* 28 Days later isn’t a Zombie movie. ;o)

  2. auderey Says:

    hi! thanks for commenting.

    wait – how would you classify 28 days later if not as zombie?

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