also, in case anyone’s wondering

i’m feeling a bit ambivalent about the whole anonymity/pseudonymity thing. in fact, though i haven’t said my full name or my university on here, given what i’ve put up i actually have no doubt that i’m (ridiculously) easily identifiable. and i’m operating as if i’m easily identifiable. so i’m not sure why i’m squeamish about linking to my university website. but for some reason i am. so. there you go, for now at least. this will probably change.

these things are bizarre, though. i was recently at a talk that jen lena* gave, at which the host gave a nice little introduction and included her blog. it was sort of like being in slow motion for a minute – i was probably the only person in the room who’d already read her blog, and that only because the host alerted me to it a couple weeks before the talk – but it was an i-can’t-believe-this-is-happening moment. i think for her too, even though she wasn’t being outed or anything because she hadn’t been pseudonymous. but it was a weird converging of worlds, and other folks i talked to at the event didn’t quite (to my satisfaction) seem to grasp the import.

*speaking of which, i just came across that “free research ideas” section, and i think it’s great.

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2 Comments on “also, in case anyone’s wondering”

  1. jlena Says:

    the sad thing for me is that i can’t remember when this happened. i do remember THAT it happened because i remember that feeling of time slowing down as i rattled through my memory of recent posts looking for material that would embarrass me or–worse–undermine my argument. i guess i also found it odd because i don’t write a “sociology” blog. in fact, my justification…or whatever…on the ‘about’ page, emphasizes that the blog is actually about my FRIENDS, who are really not all sociologists, or academics. so it didn’t feel relevant to my talk, but more to my personna.

    i don’t know who you are, if that helps. blog people keep assuming i can figure out who they are, and maybe i can, but i never bother.

    anyway, thanks for coming to the talk, wherever it was, and whomever you are!

  2. auderey Says:

    it was a really fun talk – not the usual fare in my department – and i had lunch with you afterwards, and we talked about the SAT too much, if that helps jog your memory. anyway, i’m actually not really concerned about my identity being known, which is why i find it strange that i’m hesitant to just be upfront about it.

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