what have i been doing the past month?

i’ll start with the last 48 hours. weds morning i woke up in a tent on the owyhee river, ate yummy breakfast burritos i didn’t cook, and broke the inch of ice left overnight in the water bucket. i spent most of the day doing just about the most fantastic rafting i’ve ever done, 20 miles of nearly constant class 3 rapids, in a tiny and fabulous little 8′ avon raft. all while wrapped in 6 layers, including a space blanket! who knew how useful those things are. the river was just about at the limit of the capabilities of that boat, and left me feeling strong and competent (here’s for that feeling carrying over to my dissertation defense next week).
we put in here:

View Larger Map

and took out here:

:Owyhee river take out

and this wasn’t even the most brilliant scenery – which happened along the way, when i was afraid to get out my camera for fear i’d lose it on its maiden voyage. not to mention that i hardly had time to look, between rowing and bailing. we managed to hit about a 10 year peak in runoff, and the water was just fantastic. the usgs has the super-coolest graphs here where you can see how perfectly we hit the water (we were on 4/15-4/17). i’ll trade that for an emergency up-bank tent move anyday.

weds night we were off the river, and back home eating yummy green chile chicken soup with rice. thursday morning i caught an early plane back to newark via portland. the only saving grace is the absolutely lovely weather we’re having yesterday and today, or i’d really be feeling miserable right about now.

what else have i done in the last month?

about 10 interviews
attend AERA in NYC
see Spring Awakening (very very good, plus student tix for $27!)
attend a fantastic purimspiel (my first) hosted by JFREJ at workman’s circle
write and send off a proposal draft
finish an IRB application
compose my diss committee
host a prospective student for 3 days
deal with the biggest meltdown ever in my department, still ongoing
apply for, and get, a CASTL fellowship (go me!)
host my sister for 5 days
visit nyc with her, see the botanical gardens and cat on a hot tin roof (also fantastic; sadly, james earl jones was out, but his understudy was great)
present at the PSA in portland (oh, how i love that conference!!)
and this brings us full circle to visiting my folks and rafting the owyhee

And the next two weeks look to be just as busy – with plans to defend (let’s all cross our limbs for that) and some big decisions to be made about the very near future (where i’ll live, what job i’ll have, where my fieldwork will be located, and other small matters).

i have lots of things to post about – i saw great sessions at the conferences, for example – and hopefully i’ll manage to get them up in a slightly more timely manner. still have some from ESS way back in february, in fact.

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