the seed was planted by jeremy asking for new tv ideas, and while i can’t say i’m virtuous enough to be watching while doing any kind of physical activity*, i can say it’s disrupted my sleep so as to cause similar bodily exhaustion.

not totally true – this weekend in a crash of allergies & semester exhaustion i had myself i little dexter marathon, and had no trouble sleeping at night. but the more i watch it, the more i find it disturbing, and the more i like it at the same time. the sleeping bit, by the way, is more to do with puzzling over the plot and characters than with scary violence. and trying to come up with brilliant analytical posts about the show. the only thing i thought of so far is how glad i am there’s no pretty blond skinny woman on the show – at all! there might be more later. now i have to go run some factor analyses.

*it’s hard to watch tv in the pool. it’s hard to do anything in the pool except count, actually. that’s part of why i like it. the closest i’ll probably ever get to meditating.

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2 Comments on “dexter”

  1. jeremy Says:

    I ended up loving that show. I’m eager for the second season to become available.

  2. auderey Says:

    on the other hand, maybe i’ll get some writing done when i’ve finished the last 2 episodes of season 1 …

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