who wants me to buy them a lottery ticket?

seriously. this is my lucky day. should i go sky diving? ask someone way out of my league out on a date? ride my bike without a helmet?

to top off my good funding news from friday, today while i was doing my department-service good deed of the fucking year, i received emails that:

1. got me a roommate for next year, a good one i’m excited about

2. approved my research in a local public school, one i haven’t even courted very seriously, out of the blue – as in, i sent the principal a first letter last week, never been there, never met anyone there, and received an approval letter from the superintendent today.

3. approved my IRB application for said research, with minors, with revisions that amount to copy-editing, on my first try.

4. oh – and i found out that i get reimbursed for something i didn’t think i would. actually, someone went out of his way to get me reimbursed, and so even though it’s a negligible amount, i’m still pretty excited about it.

5. this afternoon i found out that the man i’ve been tutoring in english for a year, a vietnamese native who’s been here for 5 years, successfully passed his citizenship test on friday. his wife did not, but who am i to dwell on the negatives today?

6. oh, and yesterday i picked up a cute little blue roadbike from the curb, and after giving it a good wash today, found that despite a small amount of rust, it is my size, and the tires, brakes, and derailleur are all good. practically ready to hit the road.

7. shall i go on to gloat that i did not totally embarrass myself in my violin recital on saturday, at which i performed a recognizable rendition of a concerto 3 months after i resumed violin for the first time in almost 20 years?

i suppose it serves me right that i spilled soy sauce on my pastel shirt while typing this and eating dumplings.

also, i’m working my way towards some actually interesting posts on intellectual things of merit, i promise. just let me get through the damn faculty meeting tomorrow morning first.

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One Comment on “who wants me to buy them a lottery ticket?”

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