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in my platform statement about why i should be elected to the ASA student forum, i said something about blogs wikis online blah blah blah. this has come to haunt me during the past week when i was actually assigned by the board to do some of this work i said i’d do (gah! what nerve!). so, anyway, i’ve been busy making what turns out to be another wiki of sociology blogs, here.

i did recall some sort of lists having been made in the past, but by the time i investigated i had many more entries so i decided to forge ahead. it’s likely that, after about 1 more round of revisions, i’ll move my entire list over to the academic blog portal and just link to that from the student forum wiki. and anomie, want to add these to your search engine?

if i were a network theorist i would’ve been drooling over the project, by the way; seems like there must be a dissertation in link networks somehow.

UPDATE: huh, that was shortlived. (h/t henry at crooked timber). What’s that Robert Merton says? Right: Anticipatory plagiarism occurs when someone steals your original idea and publishes it a hundred years before you were born.

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2 Comments on “more on the socioblogosphere”

  1. anomie Says:

    Absolutely, I can add the new-to-me blogs to the search engine! Great job on the wiki, but one minor request: would it be possible to have that wiki list alphabetized? It would make my job of finding the ones I still need to add MUCH easier. And it wouldn’t be just for me; I think it would make the list look cleaner, too. Makes things easier to find.

  2. auderey Says:

    yeah, alphabetizing is a bitch though! since the url is often not the displayed name of the site … it means doing it by hand mostly. so if i get around to it, i agree, it would look a lot cleaner. we’ll see how much i’m procrastinating other work this week.

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