back, sort of

back in the country, but having trouble transitioning into work. which is a problem seeing as i am trying to write 2 grants before next month.

but anyway, i’m doing some relatively productive procrastination involving catching up on my lightweight reading, and so though i’m a bit late to the game, i want to say that i’m really excited about wick sloane’s “embedded in a community college” series. i’ve only read the first article so far, which as he says captures more his rage than any kind of coherent narrative, but the gist is that we seriously underfund cc’s and that the students who are in them are struggling, both academically and economically, and that your heart breaks every day you teach there. it captures why i care about whether students go to 4 or 2 year colleges, and why i think it’s important to figure out the pathways students take into one or the other. and it makes me really mad.

that’s all.

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