anxiety dream

last night, i was in seattle, on my way to an interview. i don’t live in seattle now, but did for & after college. this person wanted to meet me somewhere downtown, by westlake center, but not a place i really knew. it was supposed to be a coffeeshop/cupcake place. but i arrived on the transit line (some sort of light rail that doesn’t exist) and realized at the mall that i was completely unprepared. i was already late.  i had no idea at what address we were meeting. i didn’t have her phone number with me. i considered calling my mother to have her look in my email. but while i was sitting, i heard my interviewee(!) going down an escalator to the subway, on the phone leaving a message for me! i stopped her, we found the place, she’d brought a friend which was weird, i offered to pay and she got $30 worth of food. i didn’t have my interview schedule written yet – in fact i hadn’t even really thought through what i wanted to ask. i didn’t have a consent form with me.

she was pretty cool, though. it turns out i was doing a project interviewing 3 groups of people who in some way have a disjoint in their lives. one group (the one she was a part of) was lesbians who date fags.

perhaps i should stop procrastinating.

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