asa submissions

if past history is any guide, the submission process to asa this year will not go smoothly.  a couple brief observations, having organized a session for the first time last year and doing so again this year:

– papers go to 1st choice panel first, until feb 22nd, and then are forwarded to 2nd choice. at least, ideally they are forwarded; last year many papers got caught in limbo, rejected from 1st session but never forwarded. and by the time papers are forwarded, many panel decisions are already made.

– which means you ought to submit to a roundtable or some such as your 2nd choice, where acceptance rates are higher (i assume – right?!). especially, if you’re a student, submit to the student forum roundtables as your 2nd choice. last year i did my best to get as many papers as possible on the program, and i imagine the organizers will this year as well.

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