practical question: fieldnotes

does anyone have practical advice about how to keep fieldnotes in this electronic age? i’m not really talking about security/confidentiality, but more logistics. does each subject get a file? does each day get a file? do they all go in one humongous file? is there a better program than ms word to keep track of them all?

and similarly, at what point does one switch to pseudonyms? seems too overwhelming to try to learn both real names and pseudonyms so early in fieldwork – but when will i need to switch so that i don’t slip up?

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One Comment on “practical question: fieldnotes”

  1. When I type up my notes I generally use real names (unless I don’t have many people to keep track of, which is…never). Then when it’s all done, but before I do analysis, I use the hand find and replace function. Poof! All names are replaced consistently. I’m not sure if there is a better way but it has been working for me.

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