sometimes i <3 new jersey

this story starts way back after world war I, when the navy had a whole bunch of munitions of 4 inch diameter they didn’t need anymore. what to do, what to do?

aha, let’s dump them in the ocean off the new jersey shore.

fast forward 90 years or so to that same shore, where locals & tourists find the beaches getting a bit thin.

aha, let’s put a big ole freighter ship off the shore with a big ole vacuum hose, suck up some sand, and blast it back onto the beach. let’s go ahead and fit that vacuum hose with a 4-inch filter.

fun times ensue.

UPDATE: what could possibly be more appropriate? now they’re storing the rescued munitions next to an elementary school. (i actually don’t think there’s probably any cause for concern here … and what location in nj ISN’T right next to an elementary school … but still.)

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