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why i <3 the Pacific Sociology Association

April 7, 2009

48) Sociological Perspectives on the Culture & History of Surfing organizer: Michael Roberts, SDSU
Kristin Lawler, College of Mount Saint Vincent: The American Surfer: Capitalism & the Countercultural Image
Jess Ponting, SDSU: Nirvanification: The Social Construction of a Surfer’s Shangri-La
Patrick Moser, Drury Univ.: Ho’okupu: Origins of the Paddle-Out Ceremony


NIH news

March 31, 2009

via my institutional funding newsletter tonight:

Submitting NIH proposals via text messaging

NIH has announced that starting April 1, in a collaboration with Twitter, it will begin accepting proposals by text message. To submit a proposal, faculty should

1. Create a screen name on

2. Invite NatInHealth to be your friend.

3. Post a proposal by text message

Proposals are limited to 140 characters including budget and CV. While all health related topics are covered by this announcement, special consideration will be given to proposals that address conditions that affect the Web 2.0 generation such as blackberry thumb. Proposals will be reviewed by the general public on and funding decision will be announced within 24 hours of submission. Funds will be distributed by PayPal, eliminating the need for university accounting systems.

NIH spokesperson Dr. April Fulesjoak said that NIH anticipates the pay line to be at 4 stars.

sometimes i <3 new jersey

February 10, 2009

this story starts way back after world war I, when the navy had a whole bunch of munitions of 4 inch diameter they didn’t need anymore. what to do, what to do?

aha, let’s dump them in the ocean off the new jersey shore.

fast forward 90 years or so to that same shore, where locals & tourists find the beaches getting a bit thin.

aha, let’s put a big ole freighter ship off the shore with a big ole vacuum hose, suck up some sand, and blast it back onto the beach. let’s go ahead and fit that vacuum hose with a 4-inch filter.

fun times ensue.

UPDATE: what could possibly be more appropriate? now they’re storing the rescued munitions next to an elementary school. (i actually don’t think there’s probably any cause for concern here … and what location in nj ISN’T right next to an elementary school … but still.)


February 4, 2009

I followed, a little, the funding fights around the Census. but I had no idea that until today that it’s a function of the Commerce Department. On the one hand – that’s totally bizarre. On the other – it makes so much sense.

update: i didn’t know about the census discussion at scatterplot when i posted this. but anyway – if the census isn’t really about people or populations but about commerce, then i have a new understanding about why we have a broad disagreement about funding it. (or am i misunderstanding what the commerce dept does?)

class trip

January 31, 2009

this. is. awesome.


January 25, 2009

does anyone have any books to recommend on transcribing best practices? either methods books, or practical advice (like the dissertation writing self-help books).

time suck

January 25, 2009

i’m not sure how i missed seeing these earlier, but i’m also sure it’s terrible for my work that i know about them now.

“Favorite” conversations with students

“favorite” student emails


Dear Professor Zenprof,
You don’t know me, but I am registered for your [advanced undergrad] course. But my family will still be on vacation for the first two weeks of classes, so all my professors are sending me the lecture notes and assignments so I won’t be behind when I get there after vacation. PLease fedex them to [address]. Sincerely,
Amanda [Lastname]