practical question: fieldnotes

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does anyone have practical advice about how to keep fieldnotes in this electronic age? i’m not really talking about security/confidentiality, but more logistics. does each subject get a file? does each day get a file? do they all go in one humongous file? is there a better program than ms word to keep track of them all?

and similarly, at what point does one switch to pseudonyms? seems too overwhelming to try to learn both real names and pseudonyms so early in fieldwork – but when will i need to switch so that i don’t slip up?


asa submissions

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if past history is any guide, the submission process to asa this year will not go smoothly.  a couple brief observations, having organized a session for the first time last year and doing so again this year:

– papers go to 1st choice panel first, until feb 22nd, and then are forwarded to 2nd choice. at least, ideally they are forwarded; last year many papers got caught in limbo, rejected from 1st session but never forwarded. and by the time papers are forwarded, many panel decisions are already made.

– which means you ought to submit to a roundtable or some such as your 2nd choice, where acceptance rates are higher (i assume – right?!). especially, if you’re a student, submit to the student forum roundtables as your 2nd choice. last year i did my best to get as many papers as possible on the program, and i imagine the organizers will this year as well.


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the AP reports that texas schools might stop their $6B steroid testing scheme, because they’re getting such low numbers of positives.

the sponsor of the bill says the whole point was to deter use, and therefore it’s been a success.

anyone ever heard that old racist joke about X-ethnicity person taking a thermos to work with hot soup and it stayed hot, and then a cold drink and it stayed cold, and wondering, “how do it know?!” this tagline has become part of my family vocabulary.

well: how do it know?

anxiety dream

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last night, i was in seattle, on my way to an interview. i don’t live in seattle now, but did for & after college. this person wanted to meet me somewhere downtown, by westlake center, but not a place i really knew. it was supposed to be a coffeeshop/cupcake place. but i arrived on the transit line (some sort of light rail that doesn’t exist) and realized at the mall that i was completely unprepared. i was already late.  i had no idea at what address we were meeting. i didn’t have her phone number with me. i considered calling my mother to have her look in my email. but while i was sitting, i heard my interviewee(!) going down an escalator to the subway, on the phone leaving a message for me! i stopped her, we found the place, she’d brought a friend which was weird, i offered to pay and she got $30 worth of food. i didn’t have my interview schedule written yet – in fact i hadn’t even really thought through what i wanted to ask. i didn’t have a consent form with me.

she was pretty cool, though. it turns out i was doing a project interviewing 3 groups of people who in some way have a disjoint in their lives. one group (the one she was a part of) was lesbians who date fags.

perhaps i should stop procrastinating.

i’m having a party!

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i get to make sour mix in bulk.

and wear these shoes.

green chile turkey enchiladas

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last night i managed to make quite passable enchiladas, from the hatch green chilis in my freezer, and the turkey stock & meat from thanksgiving. i wouldn’t have blanched at these from a restaurant! these are northern new mexico style: flat (not rolled) and with blue corn tortillas. if only i could master sopaipillas …


surprisingly easy recipe:

Green Chile Sour Cream Enchiladas – 3 servings
from PNM’s Cocinas de New Mexico
3 c chicken broth
3 T Flour
1 c chopped cooked chicken
1 c frozen green chile, thawed, drained
1/2 t garlic salt
9 corn tortillas
2 c shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
1 onion, chopped
2 c sour cream
Whisk 1 c of the broth with the flour in a saucepan until smooth.  Whisk in remaining 2 c broth.  Cook over medium heat until thickened, stirring constantly.  Stir in the chicken, green chile and garlic salt.  Remove from heat.  Heat enough shortening in a heavy pan to measure 1/2 ” deep.  Soften each tortilla in the shortening.  Drain on paper towels.  Mix 1 c of the cheese, onion and sour cream in a bowl.  Layer 1/4 c of the chicken mixture, 1 tortilla, 1/4 c of the chicken mixture and 1/3 c of the sour cream mixture 3 times on an ovenproof-dinner plate.  Repeat with the remaining ingredients.  Top with any remaining chicken mixture.  Sprinkle with remaining cheese.  Bake at 350 for 15 min or until the cheese melts.

higher ed unaffordable

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the nyt reports on a report about the increasing cost of higher ed – increasing about 3 times faster than median family income – and projects that higher ed will be unaffordable in about 25 years. it’s “affordable” now, since

Last year, the net cost at a four-year public university amounted to 28 percent of the median family income, while a four-year private university cost 76 percent of the median family income.

of course, richer families disproportionately send their children to private schools, so the cost for them is relatively lower. as shown in their nice little graphic:

i’m reminded of the fantastically fun adam gopnik/malcolm gladwell new yorker debate on abolishing the institution of the ivy league where gladwell laid out his position: “i’m not arguing that the institution of the ivy league should be abolished, but that the institutions of the ivy league be abolished, their assets divided, and their dorms turned into luxury condos, to the extent that they are not already luxury condos.”